We are MINERALplus


Experienced and reliable

MINERALplus GmbH is specialized in the disposal of industrial waste and the production of mine packing and construction materials from waste. We were formed in 2000 by the merger of several companies, and can draw on many decades of experience.

As a specialist waste management company, we are certified for the performance of waste treatment and recycling activities, trading and brokering, and disposal of waste. In the manufacture of mine packing materials, we process mineral waste in dust form (e.g. dust, ash and reaction products from flue gas treatment) into innovative packing materials that are used to fill cavities underground.

Our industrial waste management activities focus on the recycling of incineration residues, sludge and other waste.

As a waste disposal partner to industry, the company organizes demand-oriented waste management and industrial services for complex plants.

MINERALplus GmbH is a subsidiary of EP Power Minerals GmbH of Dinslaken, and is therefore wholly owned by the EPH Group.

The company’s headquarters and construction materials mixing plant are in Gladbeck; a branch is located in Landau and a Class III landfill is operated in Troisdorf.


EP Power Minerals GmbH

Service provider for industry and the construction sector – high-quality building materials, blasting abrasives, industrial minerals


Felix Höltken GmbH

Static processing plant for the production of mineral construction materials



Operator of a slag treatment plant with state-of-the-art processing technology in Zossen, Brandenburg




The basis of MINERALplus’s work is a stable value system in all the company’s business units, to which we are thoroughly committed. For us, success not only means doing our best for our customers and our employees. Success also means that our goals are reached in a legally compliant and responsible manner. We do not tolerate violations of the law, with no exceptions.