Construction materials production

Baustoffmischanlage Gladbeck

Gladbeck construction materials mixing plant

The approved throughput capacity of the construction material mixing plant is 250,000 t/a.

Using weigh feeders and intensive mixers, we produce the construction materials developed by our laboratory for special large-scale projects. Our construction materials conserve resources by replacing natural building materials such as cement, lime or gypsum. We utilize the properties of a wide variety of waste materials, which we mix to produce special construction materials. Our classifier system ensures defined grading curves for our materials in order to meet our customers’ quality requirements.

The plant essentially consists of:

  • 12 receiving silos,
  • 4 product silos,
  • 2 independent mixing lines,
  • Classifier system.

Stassfurt mine packing plant

Gladbeck-based MINEX GmbH is a holding company of MINERALplus GmbH and operates a slurry packing plant in Stassfurt under supervision by the mining authorities.

In 2008, MINERALplus was looking for a competent partner for the packing of salt mining caverns, and found exactly that in Stassfurt. In order to protect the surface from subsidence, it is obligatory for the cavities (salt caverns) created by the brine mining operation to be backfilled with slurry packing material.

Since then, a packing material produced in Gladbeck is mixed with brine in the Stassfurt plant and pumped into the salt mining caverns.

MinComDVM01K® – The perfect packing material for salt mining

The raw materials for the packing material are flue dusts and reaction salts from waste incineration plants. The packing material is produced in a strictly controlled process at the MINERALplus mixing plant in Gladbeck.

The dry construction material is transported in special silo trucks. In Stassfurt, brine from the caverns is added to the material, and the resulting slurry packing material is then pumped through pipes into the caverns.

The slurry packing plant in Stassfurt essentially consists of:

  • 4 receiving silos,
  • 1 continuous mixer,
  • 1 35 m³ mixer,
  • 3 180 m³ mixers,
  • 4 pumps,
  • Pipeline system,
  • Cavern connectors.

Gladbeck Waste Analysis Laboratory

Our construction material specialists develop the formulas of our innovative materials. The construction materials mixing plant is directly connected to our chemical analysis and structural physics laboratory. Continuous sampling ensures consistent quality.

In our laboratory, we monitor all incoming waste and the ongoing production of our construction materials.

The waste analysis laboratory is accredited under the terms of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.